Membership Package

Luxx Concierge Nursing, LLC offers monthly Nursing Concierge services for our seniors and families. We know life is busy and having someone with a “Nursing eye” to check in on you and your loved ones could be the key to preventing an unwanted hospital stay. That’s why we’ve created a Monthly Membership Plan. Weekly visits will be made to check on the senior in your life. As a member you will receive these benefits:

  • Weekly In-home Visits 
  • Nurse Checks/Assessments 
  • Vital Sign Checks (blood pressure, HR, temperature)
  • Medication Review & Education (Pills sorted if  needed)
  • Social/Environment Assessment (Wellbeing) 
  • Education on Diagnosis/Health Information  (Answer any questions) 
  • Schedule Appointments/Arrange Transportation
  • Communicate with Medical Teams 
  • Companionship

Any Necessary Updates to ONE Designated Family Member