Luxx Concierge Nursing Services

What is Concierge Nursing?

The team at Luxx Concierge Nursing offers comprehensive and personalized concierge nursing in your home. These services focus on helping you heal at home and making sure you have the assistance you need upon being discharged. Package services are available, so you can choose what type of assistance you need based on your unique needs.

What Concierge Nursing packages are available?

Our nurses will always be assessing your pain, assisting with medications, monitoring your vital signs, and IV hydration if needed, along with, minimizing bruising, and swelling. We will also frequently perform assessments, monitor incisions, dressings, and drains. We follow your discharge orders and can communicate with your physician when needed. We assist with bathing, walking, wound-care, and light meal preparation.

  • Wound care

  • Assessment

  • Vitals

  • Medication management

  • Appointment reminder

  • Communication with provider

Hourly Packages

At Luxx Concierge Nursing, our customizable packages cater to your unique aftercare needs. Our team specializes in providing high-quality medical care and support to elderly individuals, allowing you to focus on a stress-free healing experience. We are here to help your elderly family members when life gets busy and can extend or customize any plan. Rest easy knowing their care is our specialty.

Also available, 2 hour weekly wellness visits.

Membership Package

2 Hour weekly check-ins included with the membership package!

  • Assessment / Vital Check

  • Medication Management

  • Environment Assessment

  • Family / Provider Communication

  • Appointments Schedule / Reminder

Why should I consider Concierge Nursing?

Luxx Concierge Nursing offers tailored nursing services to cater to your individual needs, whether you require support during recovery or assistance while away from home. Our dedicated team is here to alleviate the challenges of post-recovery care, ensuring you receive personalized attention even in the absence of family or friends.

Beyond medical expertise, our professionals excel in various aspects of recovery, including meal preparation and personal care, fostering a comfortable and nurturing environment. We prioritize the well-being of our elderly clients, fostering strong relationships and a familial atmosphere.

If you're anticipating surgery, reach out to Luxx Concierge Nursing to explore stress-free after-care options in the comfort of your home. Schedule a consultation through our convenient online booking system today.

How do Luxx services work for Elderly care?

The providers at Luxx Concierge Nursing offer comprehensive memberships to focus on the needs of your family members. Package options are available that include:

Elderly post-op Care

Medication pickup

Appointment reminders

Assistance w/ ADL’s

Vital sign evaluation

Wound care

Continued environment of Safety at Home



If you’re interested in learning more about the options and benefits available through telemedicine, call Luxx Concierge Nursing or request an appointment online today.

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